About Us

Started by Bruce Paine in 1965, Paine’s Inc. began as a simple full service gas station in Evansdale, Iowa. Because of his love of the outdoors and family camping, Bruce began selling recreational vehicles in 1976. This allowed him to help spread his enthusiasm for family camping by giving others the tools to better enjoy their outdoor adventure. In 1998, Bruce moved his business from Evansdale to its current location in Elk Run Heights, Iowa

This commitment to excellence and passion is still evident in the company which is now ran by Bruce's sons Jeff and Todd, who operate based on Bruce’s personal motto: "The Business Service Build since 1965."

Whether you want to spend more quality time with your family outdoors, or are an independent spirit that wants a new experience on the open road, Paine's Inc. can help provide you with the RV you need. Contact us or come by our showroom today to let us help you get started on your next adventure!